Campaign Direct Mail- Reach More Voters

Mail MarketingWhether you or someone you represent is running for a local council position or a much higher office, getting people that support your campaign out to the polls is crucial for winning elections. Phone banking, email newsletters, online ads, and television spots all have their place in a campaign, but direct mail campaigning can be the key to convincing people to visit their polling place on election day. There are three distinct reasons why direct mailers can reach more voters and convince them to cast their ballots.

1. People Read Their Real Mail

Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with a large audience, but its also made it really easy to ignore messages we don’t think we want to hear or see. For example, while email is much faster and cheaper than regular mail, it’s easy for messages to get lost to spam filters or itchy delete fingers. When you get a piece of real mail in your mailbox, however, you almost always read it. It’s hard to ignore a positive message you can hold in your hand.

2. Real Mail Reaches Older Voters

In election after election, it’s proven that older voters go out to the polls at a higher rate than any other generation. Many of these same people don’t use email or the Internet. They do, however, read their mail regularly. Direct mailers can have a very powerful effect on this demographic, especially when you personalize your mailers to each targeted group. Seniors face unique issues that move them to the polls in big numbers.

3. Direct Mailers Serve as Reminders

Several important pieces of information should be on the direct mailers you send to voters: the deadline for voter registration, the day of the election, and where voting is happening. When you include these details with your campaign message, you’ll find that people will often attach your mailer to their refrigerator or other location where they can easily reference it. No marketing strategy can hope to compete with getting your message in front of an individual’s or family’s eyes day after day,

Your campaign has important things to say that people want to hear, and using direct mail will get your message out there to the people who are ready to enact change through their votes. Learn more about direct mail campaigning by speaking with a professional from Caldwell Letter Service.