Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: Direct Mail

It might not be glamorous, but fundraising is an integral part of running a nonprofit. That is why marketing for nonprofit organizations should include direct mail, and why so many nonprofit agencies have used this time-tested technique so effectively.

Nonprofit marketing is a whole different animal from other kinds of marketing. When you engage in a direct mail campaign or other form of advertising, you are not offering a product or a service – you are offering the men and women you are targeting a chance to make a difference and help others in need. That is not always a natural sell, and it is easy for busy people to simply tune out these fundraising messages.

That is why direct mail marketing for nonprofits is such an effective strategy. Compared to other forms of advertising direct mail is very affordable, allowing nonprofit agencies to use their scarce resources more cost effectively and direct the money they raise in a more productive manner.

Nonprofit direct mail is also a great way to get the attention of busy men and women, many of whom have learned to tune out marketing messages. When you use direct mail to get the word out about your good works, you are literally catching your donors where they live. Instead of tuning out that 30 second radio or TV ad, they take a minute to look at your message and respond accordingly.

Direct mail marketing for nonprofit organizations is also a great way to reach your existing donor base when new needs arise. When you run a nonprofit agency, you never know when the next crisis will hit or when the needs of your client base will suddenly increase. You need a way to reach out to existing donors quickly and ask them for an additional gift, and direct mail is one of the most effective ways to do that.

But direct mail marketing for nonprofit organizations can do more than reach your existing base of donors. Whether you work from a list of leads you have established yourself or rent a list of potential donors, direct mail marketing is a great way to build your donor base and increase your resources. The more money you raise the more people you can help, and that is a win-win situation for all involved.

It may not be a fun or glamorous part of your day, but running a successful nonprofit agency means raising the funds you need to make your good works possible. Implementing solid direct mail strategies for nonprofit organizations is one of the best ways to raise the money you need and help people live better lives.