Multi-Part Fulfillment Package

Muti-part fulfillment package

10 individual items, assembled w/ tags, shrink wrap then prepared fulfillment package for shipping.

The item shown here is an example of a multi-part mailing package that we assembled for a customer in Chicago. Composed of ten individual items, assembly included affixing tags, shrink wrapping, and preparing each package for shipping.
The box which was designed as a sample package for a tee shirt manufacturer contained very diverse items. The customer wanted four individual catalogs and a letter inserted, as well as four t-shirts.
The t-shirts needed to have item specific hang tags attached, and be folded so that they would be displayed across the box once it was opened. Once all of the components were assembled and positioned correctly inside of the box, each box was sealed and shrink-wrapped. The customer had supplied the mailing list as a file which we downloaded, and used to set up for UPS ground shipment. The labels were affixed and the 1600 packages were shipped. For more information on all of our assembly and mailing capabilities contact us directly.