The Direct Mailing Process – Your Key to Success



Even in this age of instant communication and overflowing email boxes, there is still a place for direct mailers and quality communication with your target customers. In fact, the role played by direct mail may be more important than ever before.

People are busier than ever these days, and they have little time or patience for endless email marketing messages. But those same customers are checking their actual mailboxes every day – there is simply no substitute for finding your customers where they live, and only direct mail can do that.

Whether you are preparing your very first direct mailer or trying to make your existing direct mail strategy more efficient and less costly, it is important to understand how the direct mailing process works. Having a solid understanding of the entire direct mail process – from the initial design of the mailing and the envelope to the creation of the content to the actual printing and mailing of the finished product, there are a lot of steps along the chain. Here is a quick overview of the direct mailing process and some tips to make your own direct mail campaigns even more successful.

Choosing Your Direct Mail Demographic

The first step of the direct mail marketing process is arguably the most important, since it will influence everything from the budget to the response rate. Before you write a single word or design a single envelope, you will have to determine who your existing customer is.

Do you run a pet store? If so you would want to target dog owners in your area. Do you provide professional services to local business owners? If so you will need to know who those business owners are. Are you a party planner? You will want to compile a list of busy moms and dads. Knowing your target audience is a vital part of the process, and it leads directly to the next step.

Identifying Your Target Customers

Once you know who your existing customers are, you can use data analytics and data mining to find them and target them with direct mailers. Data mining allows businesses large and small to filter their mailing lists in a myriad of different ways, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

If you want to find new moms with sons under one year of age, there is an algorithm that can provide that information. If you want to target owners of Pomeranian dogs or Siamese cats, you can do that as well.

You can make your demographic targeting as broad or as narrow as you want. We can help you design a list that is most likely to get results, and we can work with you throughout the rest of the direct mailing process.

Gathering Information for Your Direct Mailing

If you already have a list of customers and prospects, you can mine that list for demographic information and learn more about the people who buy your products and use your services. From demographic information already on the web to survey results and information from customer outreach, there are plenty of ways to gather demographic information and make your marketing efforts more effective.

Finding the Right Idea

Every direct mailing effort begins with a great idea. Perhaps you already have an idea for a new catalog, brochure or postcard. If so, you can work with one of our in-house design consultants to flesh out that idea and bring it to life.

If you need help getting started, our experienced graphic designers can assist you with every aspect of the job. From helping you find the right theme for your mailing to creating graphics that will get noticed in even the most stuffed mailbox, our design consultants can guide you at every step.

Content Creation

You have something to say, and you want your direct mail recipients to take notice. Creating compelling content is not always easy, but having the right partner is half the battle.

If you have the bare bones of your content, we can help you flesh it out and make it pop. If you need help, we can provide content ideas based on what we know about you and your business. No matter what you need, we strive to meet your exact specifications.

Design Consultation

Our in-house design consultants are experts at what they do, and they are true professionals. Whether you need top to bottom service or just a little help bringing your own ideas to life, we can help you create direct mailers that get noticed – and get results.

Printing and Mailing

The last step is perhaps the most critical, and once again you can rely on our professionalism and expertise. From determining the right mailing service to minimizing your costs, we can design a printing and mailing schedule that makes sense for your business.

Professional printing and mailing services are essential to your success, and we can help you get the best results possible. Just contact us today for top quality service from start to finish.