How the Right Fulfillment Services Can Make Your Event Shine



If you have ever attended a convention or other business-centered event, you know how much fun they can be. You also know that the attendees at these special events will have lots of swag at their booths, from small items like pens and paper clip holders to large specialty items bearing the company logo. However, it’s the fulfillment services company that really makes it all come together.

If you are on the receiving end of all that swag, all you need to do is show up and start collecting. You might need to share your email address along the way or drop your business card into a fishbowl, but your part in the transaction is pretty simple

Things are not quite so simple if you are on the other site of the convention booth table. That fancy swag bags do not just appear out of nowhere, and there is a lot of hard work and coordination going on behind the scenes. If even one thing goes wrong along the way, you could end up at the convention with no swag – and hundreds of disappointed customers.

No matter what your business niche, attending a convention or business event can be a great way to grow your brand identity and boost your profits. The key to making it all work is to choose a fulfillment service that can bring it all together and make sure those swag bags are ready to go.

The fulfillment process may seem simple to the uninitiated, but it is actually quite a complicated matter. There are a number of vital intermediate steps on the road from order to finished swag bag, and only an experienced fulfillment provider can bring it all together and make your convention appearance a roaring success.

Here is a simple breakdown of the various parts of the fulfillment service and how Caldwell can make your next event extra special. No matter where the convention or what your business niche, we can make your company – and your brand – the star of the show.

  • Packaging – Your swag will need to be packaged properly and well protected as it makes its way from the warehouse to the convention floor. A good fulfillment service will take care of your products as if they were their own.
  • Labeling – A simple shipping mishap could leave you with an empty booth and no goodies to hand out to your new customers. Labeling may seem like a small thing, but it is a critical part of getting your swag there in time for the big event.
  • Specified Delivery Requirements – Conventions are busy places, with lots of activity and no small amount of chaos. A good fulfillment service will find creative ways to get your swag bags to the convention floor – from shipping directly to your hotel room to expediting the delivery the day of the event.
  • Large Quantity – If your first convention turns out to be a roaring success, you will need to order even more swag backs for your follow-up performance. Ordering in large quantities reduces your per-unit costs and makes your convention preparation more efficient.
  • Pallet Breakdown for Shipment – You can’t just grab a pallet off the warehouse floor and ship it to the convention. At Caldwell, we specialize in breaking down those pallets to make shipping easier and more efficient.

No matter what your fulfillment needs, Caldwell can help you meet the needs and expectations of your customers and put on a stellar performance at your next convention or special event. Just call us today to see how our fulfillment services can make your performance shine and help your business grow.