Direct Mail Marketing for Non-profits

Direct Mail For Non-Profit Organizations

Membership Appeal Direct Mailer

At Caldwell we specialize in multi-part mailings and non-profit membership appeals. We have the capabilities to develop customized mailings using high speed inkjet printers, as well as auto affixing stamps for a hand assembled look without the cost of manual labor. This project which was carried out for a non-profit organization included hand inserting of three items; a folded letter, a brochure, and a business rely envelope. All of the items were inserted into a #10 envelope, which was then sealed. Since this particular non-profit was a school, the custom inkjet address was listed as: “To The Parents Of”, followed by the students name and address. The mailing list was derived from a file emailed to us from the customer. While the mailing address information was printed, a non-profit stamp was affixed to the envelope. The finished appeal letters were then delivered to the Chicago main post office for mailing. For more information on this project contact us directly.