Direct Mail Election Campaign Materials: Why It Works

Direct MailWhether you or someone you work for is running for a local council seat or a much higher office in government, election campaign materials sent by direct mail will likely play a crucial role in generating votes. While online marketing is playing a more important role in campaign strategy every year, connecting with voters through the mail remains one of the most effective ways to connect with voters in a personalized way. There are several reasons why election campaign materials sent through the mail are one of the most popular tactics for campaign managers.

High Coverage

While meeting someone who doesn’t use the Internet becomes less and less common every day, there’s likely someone in your life that doesn’t use email or the web. This same person is likely to be part of the most active voting demographic in the nation. The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers mail to nearly 100 percent of addresses in the nation, making direct mail one of the only ways you can get your message out to all voters.

Real Mail Gets Views

Any person who has ever used email for more than a few days knows how easy it is to ignore messages. You likely never go into your spam folder, and you regularly move things to the trash from people or businesses you don’t know or care about. A piece of direct mail, however, demands your attention whether it’s a postcard or large envelope. When you send mail to a voter, you’re almost guaranteed to get a view. That result can’t be matched electronically.

Targeted Messaging

By using public information about demographics, you can target specific messages to groups of voters who will be responsive to your ideas. Many campaigns benefit from get-out-the-vote efforts targeted at specific groups. Direct mail gives you the flexibility in materials and delivery you need to target on the individual level, if needed. You can even include voice chips and other technologies to appeal to a more high-tech audience.

According to the USPS, nearly three billion pieces of political mail were sent during the 2012 election campaign. If your candidate wants their name and message to reach voters, combining real mail with your digital marketing strategy will be crucial. You can find out more about election campaign mailers by speaking with the professionals at Caldwell.