Direct Mail Campaign For Non- Profits- Raise Awareness


Non-profit MarketingWhether you need to raise money to fund research or to get people in your community to volunteer for the less fortunate, the key to reaching your nonprofit’s goals is to effectively raise awareness. While your priorities are likely to be drastically different than a for-profit company, outreach requires many of the same types of marketing strategies. While the Internet is a powerful tool for outreach, businesses know that direct mail remains one of the most effective campaign strategies. If you want to fulfill your mission, you should not ignore the influence a nonprofit direct mail campaign can have on your target audience.

Create the Perfect Design

The first step to creating your direct mailer is to think of a design that will communicate your nonprofit’s message in a highly appealing manner. You may already have marketing experts on your own staff who can fulfill this need, however you can take advantage of experienced professionals at direct mailing companies like Caldwell Letter Service.

In the case of a nonprofit direct mailer campaign, convincing people that they can make a positive difference by donating or volunteering is key. Let’s say you’re creating a campaign for a nonprofit that funds research for curing a disease. People are most likely to donate to your cause if your mailer tells them:

  • What type of research their money goes to
  • How research is already helping
  • Why they’re important to that cause
  • The reason they were sent your mailer

There are many other factors that can affect the success of your design, so make sure you go through all of your options with someone who has experience. No matter what idea you go with, make sure you test it a few times with a small audience to ensure its effectiveness.

Delivering Your Mailers

Before you can begin sending the mailers for your nonprofit direct mail campaign, you need to know where those mailers are going to go. Sending material to people who have already contributed to your cause is one of the best ways to get results, but you’ll also want to reach out to potential new donors. Companies like Caldwell can help you create a list of addresses that have a high potential for positive response.

Raising awareness is an ongoing process that constantly requires new ways to engage your audience. Learn more about the process or start your campaign by contacting Caldwell today.