Mailing List Maintenance Help: Get It Right

Mailing ListIf your small business or local organization has a mailing list with more than a dozen or so names, you’ve probably realized that maintaining an error-free directory can be a bit difficult. Making sure that your mailing list is filled with current addresses within your target demographic is, however, crucial to the success of your advertising and marketing campaign. By following a few mailing list maintenance tips and guidelines, you can make sure that your list suits your company’s organization’s goals.


Pay Attention to Mailing List Errors

People change addresses from time to time or forget they’re receiving mail at certain locations. If you’re getting bounce backs for certain members of your list, you can either prune them from the directory right away or try to reengage them through other contact information. If you consider a person on this list an important enough client or potential customer, you may be able to find their new contact information through web searches and social media. Otherwise, removing them will improve your mailing list maintenance abilities in the future.

Test Who’s Engaged with Your Brand

It can be hard to know which of the current people on your list is actually reading your materials unless they’ve directly resulted in sales. Just because someone doesn’t convert to a customer right away, however, doesn’t mean they can’t lead to sales in the future. You can test people’s willingness to engage with your brand by asking them to fill out a questionnaire or simply resubscribe to your list.

Reengage Your Audience

If you notice that a certain group of your subscribers haven’t opened your messages in some time, you may be able to get them to read your materials again by offering them something new. An idea as simple as a five question survey can do the trick, or you can run a contest or sweepstakes. You’ll be surprised how many people will pay attention to your organization again once they realize you’re still trying to engage with them.

No matter which mailing list maintenance tips you choose to follow, making sure your addresses don’t go stale can really improve your marketing efforts. At Caldwell, we’re all about helping you make the most of your mailing campaign.