Fundraising Direct Mail- Everything you need to know

Fundraising Direct MailStay in Contact with Your Housefile

Unless your non profit is brand new to fundraising, you have a list of previous donors known as a housefile. Keeping in touch with these donors through regular mailings has a variety of benefits. First, you’ll remind individuals and groups that are most likely to donate that you’re still looking for funds. Two, you’ll earn loyalty with your donors by letting them know you recognize them as valuable people in your organization. You’ll quickly notice that your housefile will provide the biggest return on investment.

Attracting New Donors Can Take Time

A one-size-fits-all fundraising direct mail strategy would save everyone time and money, but creating a mailer that can effectively attract donors to your cause requires a unique message. If you’re a beginner, you may end up spending money ineffectively. You may be able to bypass the learning process by hiring industry professionals who have a proven record of prospecting through direct mailers.

Test Test and Test Again

Fund raising by direct mail can be quite expensive when you’re looking for new donors among a large group of people. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollar on a campaign only to realize later that your strategy is ineffective. That’s why it’s so important to test every mailer among a small group of people before you unleash it to a larger audience. Testing gives you the opportunity to compare multiple strategies at once.

Whether you’re just starting to use direct mailers or looking for new ways to optimize your existing fundraising strategy, following these tips can save your organization time and money. You can learn more about fund raising through direct mail by speaking with the professionals from Caldwell.