Direct Mailing Advertising: What You Need to Know

Direct MailDirect Mailing Advertising is an integral part of any marketing plan, but yet often overlooked.  Direct Mailing is an effective method to reach your target audience, and provides expanded brand awareness.  In this digital age, emails and online ads can get lost in the clutter, or blocked altogether with spam filters.  Providing valuable offers in printed form keeps you front and center with your audience, as people still like to hold something tangible in their hands.


Emails can go unnoticed or never seen due to spam filters, online ads can be blocked with pop-up blockers, whereas sending targeted direct mailing advertising can have a great response rate by targeting your audience.   Direct mailers greatly enhance your brand awareness, generating the effect you want from a mail advertising campaign.


Perhaps you have a new product idea you want to test out or see how much interest you can generate.  A direct mail advertising campaign is an inexpensive way to test out a new market or a new idea.   Performing direct mail advertising is a very effective and low cost method to get results and provide a return on your investment.  


Developing a Strategy


When investing in a direct mailing advertising project, you want a printing and mailing provider to portray your message with quality and clarity.  At Caldwell Letter Service, Inc, we partner with you to learn about your business in order to target your ideal customer market.  Focusing on your unique capabilities and services offered, allows us to utilize our powerful data analytics software to target your ideal customer


Using Big Data is a value added service that cannot be ignored.  It is vital to providing the most bang for your buck, and enjoy an increased response rate.  By fine-tuning your mailing list, we can align your campaign with targeted customers for a successful campaign.  


To add that professional touch, Caldwell will also provide personalization and print your mailing labels for you.  


Create an Effective Eye Catching Design

Once you know the message you want to send, and have developed your target audience, you need to create an effective eye catching design to get and keep your reader’s attention.   If you have current printed material, a logo, or just an idea scratched on a pad of paper, our skilled graphic designers can assist you with designing a professional modern looking design for your project.



Sample projects provided by Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. include:


  • Newsletters
  • Political Campaigns
  • Higher Education flyers, brochures
  • Not-for-profit direct mail advertising
  • Postcards
  • Catalogs
  • Membership cards
  • Holiday Mailings
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Reward referrals


The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.  


Utilize a Professional Printer


After you have invested your resources into your strategy and design, make sure you use a professional printing company to deliver your message with quality.   Caldwell Letter Service has been a leader in the printing industry since 1932!


Our state-of-the-art printing facility includes offset printing for mass production, variable data printing, and UV printing for crisp lines and vibrant colors.  Caldwell embraces the latest in technological improvements, providing the most efficient printing processes available, thus saving you money!  We can print any finish from matte to high gloss, on various products for distribution.  

Efficient Cost Effective Fulfillment and Distribution


Now that your direct mailing advertising  project is printed and ready to distribute, you need a distribution company that you can rely on for accurate and timely shipping with tracking and delivery information provided.


Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. has over 80 years of experience in working with the United States Postal Service (USPS), qualifying our clients for big discounts with direct mail campaigns.  We are able to provide you with the greatest cost saving benefits available from the USPS.    We offer value added services such as assembly of specialty inserts, return mailings, and custom fulfillment options.   


Analyze Your Data for Measurable Results


Your direct mail advertising campaign must include methods for evaluating the effectiveness of your efforts.  Whether distributed with coupon codes, social media links or reference material, you must have a way to process your responses, and analyze the results.  


Caldwell is an expert with data mining and targeting your audience, we also provide methods for analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns.  


Full Service Solutions


Caldwell Letter Service provides a full service one stop shop for ALL of your direct mailing advertising projects!  We specialize in full end-to-end service, giving you the greatest value.  Why bother with various suppliers in all aspects of of your direct mail advertising, when Caldwell can deliver quality product and services, from start to finish!


Contact Caldwell Letter Service today for customized solutions to all of your design, print, fulfillment and mailing services.  


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