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Direct Mail is Popular and Effectivedirect mail

Did you know that a printing company can be your one stop shop to develop direct mail marketing strategies, generate mailing lists, print your custom material, and actually mail it all for you?  Well not any printing company can do that, but here at Caldwell Letter Service, we give new meaning to the phrase “One Stop Shop”!  

We are a Chicago based business with over 85 years of experience in giving our customers unmatched service for all their printing, mailing and fulfillment needs.  Caldwell Letter Service can do everything from Designing, Printing, Mailing, and Fulfillment, with a variety of products for any occasion.

You may think that direct mail marketing has fallen to the wayside with the advent of digital media – well that is simply not the case.  Direct mail is an extremely effective way to directly reach and connect with your audience, and to raise your brand awareness.  

With the increase of digital media, e-mails may go unnoticed or unread altogether with spam filters doing their job.  When people receive printed material that is interesting to them, such as coupons, calendars or brochures – they SAVE them!  People enjoy the touch and feel of something real and tangible.   Real products delivered right to a mailbox are taken indoors, where we tend to stick the postcard to the fridge or a filing cabinet, so that we can get back to it when we choose.  

The Great News is that Direct Mail campaigns can be used in conjunction with digital media, coupons can be used online or in the store, QR readers can take a user to a website for additional promotions and interactive videos.

Direct Mail Marketing Complements Digital Media

Direct Mail marketing strategies used in conjunction with digital services provides vast expansion of your brand!  Printed materials displaying your logo, or your message in eye catching vibrant colors stay on the mind, and give more merit to some than digital material.  

Whatever your printing and mailing needs, Caldwell is here to provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the scope of your project.  Allowing us to assist you from the beginning will save you money in the long run with quick solutions for your projects.   

Why waste time looking for graphic art designers, quality print shops, mail distribution assistance including data mining companies to target your prime audience…when you can find all of that under one roof with Caldwell?

This combination of services gives you worry-free convenience with realized cost savings!  


Muti-part fulfillment package

10 individual items, assembled w/ tags, shrink wrap then prepared fulfillment package for shipping.


Caldwell provides direct mailers for any occasion!


When that special occasion calls for a touch of elegance, sending a beautifully crafted personalized envelope will impress your recipient, because first impressions matter.  Send your next invitations, or direct mailings, with specialty designed envelopes containing custom inserts.

We have experience designing, printing, and assembling mail campaigns for business to business solicitations with custom inserts.   


Whether glossy or textured, Caldwell provides crisp, clean lines with vibrant colors for any occasion.  When you want to get your customer’s attention, and make sure they save your offer to act upon it, only the highest in quality material will do.  

Political campaigns rely heavily upon the voter’s impression of the candidate. When direct mail campaigns represent something so important as winning votes at the poll, you can rely upon Caldwell to display your campaign with a high level of professionalism.


We can print folded mailers of any size or shape, displaying your offer, design and logo in the exact placement that you desire.  Caldwell will advise on any potential USPS Design issues.


Whether marketing to another business or a consumer, eye-catching brochures spilling over with your unique capabilities are a great way to let your audience know the value you can provide to them.  


Keeping your customers informed of your business and offerings, is vital to maintaining a solid customer base.  You must first prioritize satisfying your current customers in order to build upon that solid base and position your business for growth.  

At Caldwell, our staff of skilled designers can assist you with creating a Newsletter to be remembered.  We can even print and distribute them for you, on regular intervals saving you time and money.  


Providing detailed information about your products and services can be the difference between a consumer picking up the phone and moving onto other companies’ catalogs searching for detailed information.  

Catalogs can be targeted to a specific audience such as preferred customers, or households with your selected criteria, to reap the most benefits from your catalogs.  With our data mining services, you can be sure to impress your targeted audience.


Delivering your catalogs as polybagged products gives added protection to your valuable investment, letting the customer know there is something important inside!  Let us show you how easy it is to show your customers that you care about them enough to ensure that they receive your offer in good condition.


Caldwell Letter Service takes pride in delivering expert, reliable and friendly service.  We go the extra mile providing full service to our customers.  Caldwell is the innovative leader in Designing, Printing, Direct Mailing, Fulfillment, and value added services such as intricate assemblies and polybagged wrapping.  

When your campaign requires that final professional touch, add a clear, sealed plastic wrapping for protection while providing a professional and appealing look.


Data mining is the complicated process of defining your target audience, and is a huge part of direct mail marketing strategies. Gathering and analyzing demographic information is a very detailed process that uses computerized algorithms to locate targeted characteristics.  With data mining, we can determine which households have children, for example, or new mothers, elderly or even which are pet owners.  

We can also filter businesses for the industry served, number of employees, revenue level, etc.  We can be as broad or as narrow as you like.  For example, you may want to know which houses are pet owners, or you may really want to know which households contain shih-tzu dogs.  




Determining your audience provides a framework for success.  Before you distribute your material, you must know who you are distributing to!  Sending your material to the people that would most benefit from it also provides the most benefit to you.  You work hard to design and create your material, get your money’s worth by putting it right into the hands of your customer and potential new customer.  

Caldwell Letter Service, Inc. provides unique value to our customers by offering a One-Stop-Shop for marketing, printing, mailing, custom wrapping and packaging and fulfillment.  We can assist with designing or enhancing your logo and artwork with our in-house graphic designers.  Start with Caldwell for your full service direct mail marketing strategies development, with successful results.