Advantages of Direct Mail

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The modern world of technology offers a wide range of options for connecting your organization or business with potential donors or new customers. Email, pay-per-click ads, and search engine optimization can be useful tools, but they’re not likely to compete with the advantages of direct mail any time soon. That’s because direct mail has unique qualities that can’t be duplicated in the digital world. Here are several advantages of direct mail you need to know for your next campaign.

Tangible Advantages of Direct Mail

No matter how good a picture or graphic looks in an email or webpage, it simply looks better when printed on a quality piece of paper in real life. People are also less likely to throw your message in the trash, especially if it contains valuable information or offers they may enjoy in the future.

Direct Mail Has Less Competition

Your average email user gets anywhere from dozens to hundreds of messages per day. Most households in the US get around 2-3 pieces of real mail every day. That means your email newsletter or ad has to compete with lots of other messages to get attention, but your direct mailer only has to stand out among bills and unwanted correspondence. The ideas your trying to communicate can really shine when your audience can give them the attention they deserve.

Direct Mail Is Familiar and Common

Whether you’re a grandmother in a rural area or a college student in a big city, you’re familiar with the concept of receiving a direct piece of mail. In fact, the one thing that almost everyone has in common is their access to mail from the USPS. That’s why one of the biggest advantages of direct mail is its ability to reach almost everyone.

Direct Mail Makes Target Marketing Easier

You can know some things about a person based on their email address, but you can learn a whole lot more by knowing their physical address. In a direct mail campaign, reaching a receptive audience is crucial. Information about age, ethnicity, income, family size, and other unique identifiers that are available through public data can help you target just the right audience.

When your organization harnesses the advantages of direct mail, you can reach goals that may have been impossible through purely digital means. Learn more about the design, print, and delivery process by contacting Caldwell.