Direct Mailers For Information & Newsletters

At Caldwell, we specialize in the production of high quality printed materials. The booklets and newsletters shown here are just a small example of our booklet and pamphlet printing capabilities. Our knowledgeable staff can help you develop not only eye catching design, but can recommend materials and processes that will…

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Political Campaign Direct Mail

Nothing exemplifies our abilities to produce diverse printings and mailing than production of the various materials required for an election campaign. We have the ability to produce a wide range of printed materials; our designers can work with you to develop crisp and clear graphics. Our printing capabilities allow for…

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Direct Mailers For Local Fundraising

Direct Mailers for fundraisers

A customer who was holding a benefit for a local theatre needed a package assembled for a gala benefit that they were holding. The package consisted of three items: an invitation, an RSVP card and return envelope. The mailing list supplied by the customer required purging of duplicate addresses. After…

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Direct Mail Marketing for Health Organizations

direct mail marketing for health organizations

A non-profit health organization needed a custom mailing solution that included personalized items for individual mailing recipients. The customer supplied us with 10,000 pre-printed letterheads, onto which we offset-printed the body of the letter. We then laser-printed the personalized information onto the letterhead and folded them in half to 5-1/2″…

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Direct Mail For Higher Education

direct mail for higher education

The appeal mailing highlighted here was completed for the University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center and included insertion, sealing, and inkjet printing of mailing addresses. The customer supplied the contents, which were already printed and a mailing list. This insertion project required three items: a cover letter, an insert, and…

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Direct Mail Membership Drive

direct mail membership appeal

The project shown here was for a non-profit school holding their annual appeal for donations to complete classroom renovations. This project utilized several of our value added services. The contents consisted of a 6-3/4″ remittance envelope and a personalized letter on the school’s letterhead. The project also required that the…

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Direct Mail Marketing for Non-profits

Direct Mail For Non-Profit Organizations

At Caldwell we specialize in multi-part mailings and non-profit membership appeals. We have the capabilities to develop customized mailings using high speed inkjet printers, as well as auto affixing stamps for a hand assembled look without the cost of manual labor. This project which was carried out for a non-profit…

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